Just one recipe this month and it’s got to be peaches.  Peach pie and ice cream to be exact, reminds me of Summer!  Instead of recipes though, let’s focus on the ingredients.  So what’s the best variety for making a peach pie?  The “Sun Haven” peach resists “browning”, the Intrepid peach gets high marks in flavor and texture and the 4th of July peach, a semi-freestone top the list – more tips can be found at this kitschy site READ MORE



Labor Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. JANUARY 20, 2013: Traffic jams occur after police begin street closures around 9th and F streets in NW Washington, D.C., late Sunday afternoon.  (Photo by ASTRID RIECKEN For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Labor Day is just around the corner.  It’s also in the top 100 deadliest days of the year for car crashes, July 4 is number 1.  So you’ve survived that holiday.  Let’s be sure you make it through this one.  Here’s some tips on the best way to safely deal with Labor Day traffic, besides staying home.  Little things, like the best time travel (Thursday afternoon, after 2p), why who you are matters, and more..


National Dog Day


Dogs are the oldest recorded domesticated animal and are common in fossil records up to 14,000 years ago.  Specimens from before 26,500 years ago are very rare, likely due to the last glacial maximum.  Remains of a canine found in Russia date back 33,000 years and have been determined to be the oldest preserved fossil at this time..  Scientists have been trying to pinpoint the evolution of dogs from wolves.  Where did dogs arise and when? READ MORE



“Lie To Me”

tim roth

“Lie To Me” the popular t.v. show starring Tim Roth as Cal Lightman, a scientist whose expertise is detecting and interpreting “micro” expressions- involuntary facial expressions that last just a moment- a useful skill if you want to figure out whether someone is lying, and why. Is actually based on clinical psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, who we quote a bit on this blog.  In case you missed “Lie to Me”  during it’s 2009-2011 run here’s a cool clip that sums it all up. WATCH NOW



Vesuvius Day

Is An Eruption Imminent?  Back in 2014, Paula Gordon featured this article by Dr. Paul Ekman, titled “Who Can We Believe?” focusing on some of the most “spectacular liars” in history and why they do it, Politicians.  Will this 2014 editorial seem dated?  Nah, not so much.  May it give you some respite from the ‘pit” and more to ponder. 


Water Quality Month


So how does the San Joaquin Valley’s water quality rate?  Not very well for drinking. Nitrate contamination is a very real concern.  What can you do?  Pretty simple, you can purchase a water filter and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Most of the lower cost water filters will filter at least 60% of nitrates.  Is that enough for Stanislaus County water, to remain below the 10 ppm?  Here’s a report of not only water quantity, but quality for this part of the Valley created by Modesto Irrigation District – skip to pages 64 – 85 to determine what you should be doing.



Rio Summer Olympics Ended Yesterday


So many AMAZING fetes throughout the entire event.  Let’s go back to look at one of the most incredible finishes in the history of the Olympics.  You will love this story of the first Women’s Marathon in 1984 and one woman’s exhibit of pure determination.  I’ve given you your choice; the long version (10:00) WATCH  or the snapshot at (1:07) WATCH HERE   Not so subtle of  what makes the Olympics great and why we  keep them.

Meditate with a Friend

meditate friend

As we close out Friendship Week let’s look at something we think of as a solo practice, meditation.  But it can genuinely be better to meditate with a friend, especially if you’re new to meditation or haven’t been consistent.  You can do this together, capture a degree of accountability and share your visions, feelings and thoughts.  Here’s a groovy little blog about “Frienditation”… I think you’ll like it!