Peach Month


Out here in California we think of peaches as native to the state. After all, they’re “sunny” looking and juicy and scream SUMMER when you bite into one. But the reality is peaches are thought to have their origins in China and then believed to have been brought to the Mediterranean via Persia (Iran). So how did they get to America? A shout out to my Portuguese friends; it’s widely believed when Portuguese soldiers conquered South America from the Aztecs and Inca in the 1500’s A.D., they brought peaches with them, and the people began to grow peaches in South America too. In the 1600’s, Spanish settlers also brought peaches to Florida, where the Cherokee and Iroquois soon learned to grow them. Cherokee and Iroquois traders sold peach seeds further west, gradually crossing North America to meet up with peach trees planted by Spanish settlers in Arizona and California… Try this AMAZING & SIMPLE to make “Gigi’s Gluten Free Southern Peach Cobbler” recipe and ponder the long path the peach has traveled



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