Modern Day Willy Wonka

Have you ever wondered where some of our candy derived from and if it came from ancient times or more so a modern creation? Today is National Chewing Gum Day and I had to stop and think if this invention was something new or old. When doing the research for this delicious treat, I discovered that chewing gum has been around as early as 9,000 B.C. The creation of chewing gum as we know it started in 1850 and then continued to evolve into the form of chewing gum as we know it.


National Coffee Day


In Honor of National Coffee Day, I searched to find the magic behind the perfect espresso shot. Prima Coffee posted a great step by step guide as to how to make the perfect espresso to go in the coffee inspired drink of your choice. It’s not as easy as I thought and now have a new found gratitude for the baristas that fill my cup up every morning to get me through the day. If you’d like to know how to brew the perfect espresso shot,


Most Powerful Women in the World


I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR. Today’s leaders and political debates have gravitated toward the long battle of gender. Can a woman have the leadership qualities that are found in a man? Can a man do a better job than a woman when leading large businesses? Today’s day and age has witnessed much progress when it comes to workforce equality. Many businesses today are lead by strong and powerful women who help push the companies into directions that have made them what they are today. The names may not be as familiar as the Celebrity Hot List, but these women have created a role model for the next generation to follow. Forbes Magazine has created a list for the Most Powerful Business Women in the World.


Top Female Athletes


The 2016 Summer Olympics have come and gone, however now more than ever we were able to watch female athletes take medals home to their countries. Our very own Virginia Thrasher brought home gold for the 10m shooting. Forbes magazine has compiled a list of Top Female Athletes and their incomes. It goes to show that perseverance and dedication knows no bounds. Looking forward to what the next generation of athletes and talent brings us for the 2020 Summer Olympics.



Autumn Meals

Snacks Division

Snacks Division

Fall season is upon us and the crock pot is calling for easier Autumn meals. As the family schedules begin to become more dynamic and hectic we like to use a fail proof after school snack as the gateway to our bellies and hearts. With the season of pumpkin everything surrounding us, we like to keep the apples as our forefront (for now). Nothing reminds us of home like the smell of delicious apple sauce from scratch simmering on the stove. I found my favorite applesauce recipe to share with everyone, as this snack is great to eat for the kids it can also be a healthy topping to drizzle over ice cream as a little applesauce a la mode.


One Hit Wonders


Ever wonder whatever happened to that one band whose only song made it to the radio but were then never heard of again? Well the ultimate list of one hit wonders from 1960 to current have been compiled together to create this mega list. Now you can find out whatever happened to the bands or singers from your childhood, or go ahead and search that song one more time and dance around. Today celebrates National One Hit Wonder Day.


Fall Has Officially Begun!


Warm days with cool evenings are the beginning of the cool winter months ahead. California has one of the greatest fall attractions and that’s, Apple Hill. For over 50 years Autumn Harvests of their Apples has long been a fun family experience to enjoy while living in Northern California. This time allows for family fun or a great day trip to go and breathe in the fresh scented air and enjoy the different ways apples can fill your belly and heart. To Visit Apple Hill

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National Ice Cream Cone Day


We all love the dairy filled treat as a stand alone dessert to indulge in. Today celebrates the accessory to the treat! The history of the cone goes back to the World Fair in St. Louis of 1904 where the ice cream dessert was served atop a waffle cone. This cone would go on and be transformed and expanded upon as the years continued. The cone we have today is not quite the same as what its origin began as.