King Tut, A Man Deserving of His Own Day

It was on this day in 1922 that steps were discovered leading to a tomb that held a teen. It was learned later that the tomb belonged to King Tut, who had died by 19, after beginning his reign at age 9. Why are we so fascinated with this ruler, was it his age, the riches he was buried with, or perhaps the mystery of his death itself.

After reading quite a bit on him, there really is not a good answer. Many women liked  the looks of his snakes, and gold, and there was a movement in the 70’s surrounding that. Or we can look to the Bangles in the 80’s with, “Walk Like An Egyptian”. There have been several pop culture references, and a lot of conspiracies surrounding King Tutankhamen (better known as King Tut). Especially surrounding his death, since at one point it looked to be murder, but now they are thinking he died from an infection in his leg. All very intriguing.

I have had the privilege of seeing the museum display when it was in San Francisco, and I will say, if you have not had  the opportunity, make time the next time it is in your area. The artifacts are thousands of years old, and the condition, the detailing, it is, for lack of a better  word, amazing.

Here is a little biography on King Tut, just something short, that will either spark your interest and make you want to look into him more, or satisfy your thoughts. Either way, it truly is a remarkable part of history, and I can understand why he has a day dedicated to him.

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