Write A Friend Month

Write a Friend Month – Once upon a time, in a time not that long ago, people wrote letters, on paper with pens and pencils. Maria Popova compiled a fascinating list of “Letters of Greats: From Ernest Hemingway to Georgia O’Keeffe” with handwriting samples, illustrations, anecdotes and more.  If you’re into the greats reading how Hemingway’s soft side inspired Maurice Sendak’s early genius, you’re going to like this article.

You will even see what happens when the correspondence between author and illustrator turns into something extraordinary! The postman must have thoroughly enjoyed viewing! With this glimpse of the outside of illustrator, Edward Gorey and author-editor Peter F. Neumeyer 13-month correspondence between 1968-69 that have recently been turned into the book: Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer.

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