Dog’s Need Warmth Too

We all know what heat can do to people and animals, especially dogs left in parked vehicles.  Have you considered what the cold does? Tufts University put out this handy dandy chart that helps to illustrates what type of weather is acceptable to have your dog outside. The chart is done by breed, making it easier to read and figure out. We see from this chart that sometimes it’s just too cold to have your dog outside.

If you do have to wander out in that freezing cold weather, and you must take your furry friend, make sure they are bundled up too. If you encounter a pet suffering from hypothermia while you are out in the elements, there are steps to take. First, call a vet and move the animal to a warm area, then cover the pet with warm water bottles, blankets or towels. Heating pads can burn animals, so put layers between the animal and the electric heating source. Transport the animal as soon as possible.  Read more here.

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