Joseph M. Hilbe

Joseph Hilbe was an American statistician and philosopher who was born on this day in Los Angeles, Ca, 1944, and let me say, this guy is pretty cool. He graduated from CSU Chico with a degree in philosophy but was also a Track & Field star, and in fact, some of his records still stand. Hilbe coached a US team, was an NCAA Division 1 coach and also Olympic Games official, but here’s where his life gets even more interesting, Hilbe is most noted for his work as a statistician. Specifically he developed models used in the disciplines of bio-statistics and health outcome analysis.  His models are the standards used for modeling over-dispersed count data (think Medicare, drug and treatment outcomes, etc).

Hilbe’s most recent endeavors involve astronomy and meteorites. Can you guess what he’s doing? Better understanding and interpretation of astronomical data, tip of the iceberg really.  Read More.

4 thoughts on “Joseph M. Hilbe

  1. A colleague pointed out your blog to me yesterday. Thank you. I’m not sure that I warrant it, but I am indeed interested in a variety of endeavors. I see you are in Modesto. I have fond memories of Modesto, and the (Modesto) California Relays that are still ongoing. I ran the 100 several times in the meet. In 1967 I was one-tenth of a second behind John Carlos in the 100 yards. He won in 9.4, I had a 9.5. It used to be the nation’s premiere invitational meet, but that was long ago now. Awk – 50 years ago. Anyhow, thanks for the blurb – much appreciated. Joseph Hilbe


  2. Mr. Hilbe, thank you so much for reaching out. Your work fascinated me, the implication of making sense out of the mountains of empirical data regarding prescription drug protocols and then predicting the outcomes? Incredible. As an attorney that specializes in personal injury and medical cases I use statistics, especially when considering mediation versus going to trial. I could use your type of data in my field. Maybe I have?

    I was born and raised in Modesto and completely appreciate your California Relays at Modesto story. “The Relays” as they were known around here were absolutely one of the highlights of my life as an athlete. I am thrilled to be able to relate them once again, in an entirely new light to my life through you.


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