First Female Lawyers From U.S.

There’s a great deal I could say about woman and the bar, in court as attorneys and judges.  Just like their male counterparts, some good, some are not.  But what fascinated me was the chasm between when the first woman who acted as an attorney in the U.S. (1638 A.D. in what was then the Colony of Maryland) and when the rest of states allowed women into the profession. For example, North Dakota was as late as 1925, and Alaska 1934, but Alaska might get a pass since they didn’t even become a state until 1959. Read the list of first female attorneys, first African-American female attorneys, Japanese, deaf and more!!

Today I choose to focus on Mercedes Deiz, the first African-American female to become an attorney  in the state of Oregon. Deiz went on to become the first black woman to serve as a district court judge and the first to be elected to the County Circuit Court as judge. This amazing woman started out in life, the oldest of ten children and the rest of her story and fetes in her community and to the legal profession are inspiring.  Just look at that smile!

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