Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, don’t we all wish we were living it up in New Orleans right now!! Where does the tradition come from, it actually dates to medieval Europe, but established in New Orleans in 1718 by Bienville. Since then, and through history it has evolved from eloquent social balls, to the carnival, to what it has become now, dubbed the “Greatest Free Show on Earth!” Those lucky enough to go might be there for the beads and throws, and if you are lucky you might even catch a doubloon. Or perhaps you are just there for the carnival itself, which lands on “Fat Tuesday” and is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Whatever your reason for going, you are sure to have a good time, just make sure to keep yourself safe!!

Deporting Undocumented Immigrants

Whether you are on-board with the current plan to remove undocumented migrants, or you are against it, one thing to consider is the costs associated with it. First the cost of produce, it has risen in the past due to deportation, and that could very well happen again if our “cheaper” labor is forced out. We are going to see tax increases to support the additional cost of labor to enforce deportation laws with an estimated 5,000 – 10,000 additional agents. Then, there are the repercussions for local law enforcement officers also taking on the role of immigration enforcers. There is already a lack of trust of law enforcement, and that will increase. The article brings up many other factors, and states that, “we should secure the borders, but mass deportations of undocumented immigrants without a criminal record is a misguided and ultimately harmful policy”.

The Oscars

It is that time again, Hollywood’s biggest night, The Oscars! The elite club of the who’s who of motion picture has seen its share of scandal to go along with honoring the nominees for their extraordinary work. Last year many celebrities boycotted the award show for being “too white”. The year before the scandal had to do with the gift bags attendees receive, from a company not affiliated with the Oscars, which ultimately led to the Oscars suing them for “tarnishing their reputation”. This year, the headlines have to do with Casey Affleck, and how his past is coming back to haunt him. You can’t get away from the scandals when it comes to the Oscars, but you must admit they add that element of curiosity, in what is otherwise a kind of boring show.

Grapefruit Is Good For That Too

Even though February is coming to an end, grapefruit season is not. Yes, February is National Grapefruit month, and the peak time to purchase those large tart fruits, so I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the health benefits, along with other interesting uses. Besides being an excellent source of vitamins A & C, grapefruit can protect the heart, boost metabolism, and firm up your skin, among other things. It is also good for rough patches of skin, and sprucing up the bathroom. Don’t hesitate go out and get your grapefruit while we are still in peak season!!

Grab Your Tortilla Chips And Eat Them Too

Living in California everywhere you turn is Mexican food from fast food restaurants like Taco Bell  and Del Taco, to chains like Freebirdsindependent restaurants, and of course the taco trucks, we love our Mexican food. Many restaurants are opting to add some sort of Mexican food to their menu, even if the cuisine might be called “American”, and most Mexican restaurants you go to serve tortilla chips, with salsa, cabbage, bean dip or guacamole.

Tortilla chips have not only become a staple in restaurants, but also in our homes and at our parties.  So where did these bits of deliciousness come from? Many believe the credit goes to Rebecca Webb Carranza from back in the 1940’s. And since today is National Tortilla Chip Day we would like to encourage you to grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips, or hit up a Mexican restaurant and enjoy!!

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

It is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, and our dogs do appreciate the creator! In this day and age, our dogs are often more like part of the family, and we are turning to making pet food, even though we might not make our own. And, of course, they get treats too. I don’t know about you, but my dog is actually picky when it comes to treats, almost a snob. Just the good stuff for my Melky, so the traditional treats don’t work so much. I have found some pretty good recipes for online such as this one  or these.

But then I also found step-by-step directions to kind of create your own treats based on your dog’s likes. Whatever your choice just remember, to love your animal, as I do Melky, and to reward sparingly.

Happy Birthday President Washington

Happy Birthday George Washington! Yes, today we celebrate the life of our first President, the man whose face is on the one dollar bill. President Washington lead a fascinating life, both before his presidency and after. You can find all sorts of fun facts about him here like how he contracted smallpox while in Barbados, that he was an excellent dancer, and owned a distillery. There are also facts that have more to do with things that occurred during his presidency such as the fact that he never lived in Washington D.C. and that his second inaugural speech was the shortest on record. It really is interesting reading and learning about his history.

Still Honoring Our Presidents

Presidents Day was yesterday, and in honor of our wonderful Presidents, we thought we would look up how many of them were lawyers. In fact, 25 of our 45 Presidents were lawyers, Harvard having the most Presidential graduates with four. Here is the complete list with some fun little tidbits about them. For instance, did you know, “the three best known Western name in China are Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley, and Richard Nixon”, and that Obama has a nerdy side enjoying comic books and Harry Potter!!

This got us thinking about what else the past Presidents had done. We found this list, which lists professions by number of Presidents. Common jobs were in Politics (probably a given), but there were also a number of educators, businessman, and journalists/writers. Many of our Presidents were Ambassadors, and there were even a few farmers. Do you know the number one profession? You will have to click to find out…it is quite interesting, recognizing our rich history!!

National Chocolate Mint Day

The mint plant was brought over long ago by our ancestors, as an herb for healing purposes. It eventually migrated to consumption, and eventually sweet consumption. Because it is Sunday, and many of us like to indulge, I am opting to give you some amazing looking chocolate mint recipes for, “National Chocolate Mint Day”. You can also just opt to go out and support your local Girl Scout Troop, as the Thin Mint still continues to be their most popular cookie!!

Drink A Glass Of Wine Day

If you have never tried a nice glass of wine, today might be the day to try (if you are of legal drinking age).  You may or may not know, millennials are out drinking their parents when it comes to wine. I enjoy a nice glass of vino from time to time, but millennials are drinking on average 3.1 glasses of wine per sitting, and in fact they consumed about 42% of all wine drank in 2015. That is substantial if you really sit back and think about that.

Even more interesting, most millennials are not going for the aged wine, but rather look for a catchy name, creative bottle, or even how it effects the planet, quite a difference from my generation. And even more, the article mentions that much of the wine millennials are drinking is not coming from California, another interesting fact. I did find one from California that I thought we can all appreciate, Chronic Cellars, now that is some creative marketing!!