Wave All Of Your Fingers At Your Neighbrors

We tend to want to get along with our neighbors, as we see them often, maybe hear them more than we want, and well, often knowing more than we ever could have imagined. Do you wave at neighbors when you drive down your street, or maybe attend birthday parties, and other celebrations? Or perhaps your neighborhood partakes in the tradition of progressive dinner, which is kind of like an open house for your block. All of these are nice examples of what we would hope that our life would be like with our neighbors, but what happens when it goes the other way? You want people to be able to settle their differences without litigation, but often people take it there.

One such lawsuit names a well-known CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and the gentlemen who purchased a property behind him, Mircea Voskerician. Voskerician stated that Zuckerberg had failed to introduce him to influential people, after purchasing his property for a discounted 1.7 million. The lawsuit was eventually settled, without Zuckerberg having to pay anything, and agreeing not to sue Voskerician. Quite the twist right!! Can you imagine if they were still neighbors, that would be one uncomfortable situation.

So today, on wave all of your fingers at your neighbors day, when you are driving home, if you see a neighbor out, wave at them, happily, and be grateful that you get along.

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