Drink A Glass Of Wine Day

If you have never tried a nice glass of wine, today might be the day to try (if you are of legal drinking age).  You may or may not know, millennials are out drinking their parents when it comes to wine. I enjoy a nice glass of vino from time to time, but millennials are drinking on average 3.1 glasses of wine per sitting, and in fact they consumed about 42% of all wine drank in 2015. That is substantial if you really sit back and think about that.

Even more interesting, most millennials are not going for the aged wine, but rather look for a catchy name, creative bottle, or even how it effects the planet, quite a difference from my generation. And even more, the article mentions that much of the wine millennials are drinking is not coming from California, another interesting fact. I did find one from California that I thought we can all appreciate, Chronic Cellars, now that is some creative marketing!!


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