Daylight Saving Time

Did you know it is actually Daylight Saving and not Daylight Savings. I know, this whole time many of us have been saying it wrong. There are interesting myths surrounding Daylight Saving, one is that we have it because of farmers, when they in fact opposed it, another is that it saves energy, fascinating stuff. There have been other studies out there to show effects on health, with mood and productivity declining, workplace injuries increasing, and even changes in the appetite, among other potential health issues. So why do we still change clocks, well not every state does, and there is major debate on it, you can even get in on it!!

Here are a few other things you can do during this transition; cleaning/changing air filters, flipping the mattress, and changing batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors among other things. One idea not listed there, it is just about time to pull out that grill, so make sure that is clean, and propane is refilled!

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