The Sentencing of Joey Meek

Joey Meek was sentenced to a little more than two years for hindering the police investigation of Dylann Roof. Who was Dylann Roof, he was the young man sentenced to the death penalty for killing nine people in Charleston during a church service. According to CNN’s Website, at the age of 22, Roof had no remorse for killing nine African-Americans during a church service, and in fact said he had to do it. His friend Joey Meek was told of the plan, during a night of drugs and alcohol, and while he did not believe his friend at the time, a week later, when it had actually happened, he did not help either. In fact, it was the opposite. According to the ABC News Website, he talked a friend out of going to the police, and then he lied to the FBI. When it came down to sentencing, he ended up with two years instead of eight because he pleaded guilty of the crime back in April of 2016. Since the indictment, he got a job, and showed remorse, writing letters to the families, however, he was still made an example, because he prevented someone else from turning Roof in, and Roof was on the loose, potentially causing more harm. 

Based on the facts, I am curious to hear what your thoughts are on this case?? Do you think Meek was given a satisfactory enough sentence, or should he have gotten more time?

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