Paradise Awaits…Island Gully Falls

A friend of mine frequents Jamaica, and always makes a trip to one specific location, Island Gully Falls while she is there. After checking it out, I have decided that I understand why, and to add it to my bucket list. Being surrounded by nature with cascading waterfalls, and lush greenery, who wouldn’t love it! It looks like a tropical rain forest, and the way she describes it, I would say that is not far off. The tour guides who take you around this family run business are supposed to be the best. Here is their website: in case you are looking for your next tropical location destination. While you can get bitten by mosquitoes, and stung by bees, there are no poisonous creatures in this jungle! And obviously if you are swimming around in the fresh river water then the chances are not as great that you will have an issue with mosquitoes or bees.


When you are visiting you can work on conquering some of your fears! You have the opportunity to climb around rocks, and jump from high places, or lower ones if the others make you too nervous. You can swing from a rope and act like Tarzan, or just walk around the property and enjoy the general splendor of the place. 

My pictures were taken by my friend while there, she gave me permission to use them, simply amazing. 


Have you been here? What is your favorite destination to travel to?

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