Cesar Chavez Day

Who was Cesar Chavez? We spend a day honoring him, here in California as it is a state holiday, but not federal, perhaps it should be though. Cesar Chavez, according to History.com, “was a prominent union leader and labor organizer. Hardened by his early experience as a migrant worker, Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962”. He wanted to make farm work better for all of the farm workers out there. He knew the poor were treated terribly, being in that situation himself, he wanted things to be better. He is known for his grape strike, joining a group of Filipino farm workers in Delano’s grape fields. He was a part of the Farm Workers Association at that point, using that to take the grape strike to the steps of Sacramento during the famous march of 1966, bringing both the grape strike and consumer boycott into the national consciousness. Click here for more information on the march specifically. 


Chavez devoted his life to improving working conditions for farmers, specifically the migrant workers. The History.com article states that, ‘for thirty years Chavez tenaciously devoted himself to the problems of some of the poorest workers in America”. Through his efforts, he succeed in raising the salaries and improving working conditions for the farm workers in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. What an inspirational man.

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