Justin Trudeau, One of Canada’s Youngest Prime Ministers

It was today, in 2013 that Mr. Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Just two years later he would be elected Prime Minister, a position he still holds today. According to Biography.com, “Trudeau and his party won an impressive victory in 2015 with Trudeau becoming the country’s second youngest prime minister”. The fact that he ended up in politics is not so surprising, since his late father Pierre Trudeau was also Prime Minister, however, Justin Trudeau avoided politics altogether until 2006. According to the globalnews.ca, “Justin rises to national prominence with an impassioned eulogy at his father’s funeral. Quebec journalist and politician Claude Ryan described the speech as ‘perhaps…the first manifestation of a dynasty'”. He always seemed to have a foot in the door, but also seemed to resist politics through the years. He focused on the youth for much of his time prior to getting into politics. Since he was elected he has kept some of his promises including appointing half of his cabinet positions to women. You have to applaud everything he has done so far.

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