How High the Sky of Success

Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the attainment of popularity or profit, a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

The artist, sculptor, poet and writer, Michaelangelo is definitely considered a success.  He achieved both fame and fortune in his lifetime.  But never married or sired children and nursed a near unhealthy jealousy of his rival, Leonardo da Vinci.  read more  Our world is grateful for the power and beauty he created.  Rarely do we recognize the sacrifice and determination “success” takes.

I have written about Paul Ekman here many times.  His work regarding “Micro Expressions”, rapid movements of facial muscles that are tied to underlying emotions. And his contention that all humans, no matter what race, nation or culture they come from exhibit the same seven universal emotions of: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, contempt and happiness in subtle, in-common micro-expressions,  has taken a lifetime to prove.  Ekman’s work has become more important than the lie detector in many professional settings, and more accurate.   read more


Recently Ekman blogged about the “secret” to his success, which he attributes in part to his life mantras.  Never take no for an answer, leave no stone unturned, and aim higher than you can see.  Reading his blog on this also reveals a “driver” for his inspiration – guess who the “driver” is?  Paul Ekman’s Mottos I Live By

In Honor of American Sign Language

Today is National ASL Day, a day where we honor and celebrate American Sign Language. According to, the first school for sign language opened in the US on April 15, 1817. It was a mixture of many different types of signing, including Native American, French, and Martha Vineyard’s, the mixture came together to form what we know as Modern Day Sign Language. The school opened in Hartford, Connecticut, after Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, a hearing minister and Yale graduate, became friends with Alice, a deaf girl, and began teaching her words. Alice’s father encouraged Gallaudet to establish a school for the deaf.

It should come as no surprise that American Sign Language is not the only sign language in existence. According to, “all over the world different sign languages developed, including in England BSL, and Australia Auslan”. The websites goes on to discuss how there are differences in each type, so for example one who signed with ASL would likely not understand signing from BSL. I guess this is similar to different accents with the spoken word.

Here is a short video of the ABC’s using ASL if you are wanting to take the time and learn today. If you know someone who is hearing impaired, and you don’t sign, perhaps you could surprise them with a word or two.

Justin Trudeau, One of Canada’s Youngest Prime Ministers

It was today, in 2013 that Mr. Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Just two years later he would be elected Prime Minister, a position he still holds today. According to, “Trudeau and his party won an impressive victory in 2015 with Trudeau becoming the country’s second youngest prime minister”. The fact that he ended up in politics is not so surprising, since his late father Pierre Trudeau was also Prime Minister, however, Justin Trudeau avoided politics altogether until 2006. According to the, “Justin rises to national prominence with an impassioned eulogy at his father’s funeral. Quebec journalist and politician Claude Ryan described the speech as ‘perhaps…the first manifestation of a dynasty'”. He always seemed to have a foot in the door, but also seemed to resist politics through the years. He focused on the youth for much of his time prior to getting into politics. Since he was elected he has kept some of his promises including appointing half of his cabinet positions to women. You have to applaud everything he has done so far.

Tiger Woods, the Youngest Masters Winner

Today I would like to congratulate Tiger Woods! While he has not done that much recently in the name of golf, back on this day in 1997, he was the youngest person to win the Master Golf Tournament, at the age of 21. Not only did he win, but according to, “Woods won his first major championship by a whopping 12 strokes”. Being that it was the first major championship for Woods, it is even more impressive. Woods so far has, “79 PGA Wins, 12 International victories, and 14 additional victories”. Currently, he has set his sights on designing his own golf course, as he just announced those plans. Again, congratulations Tiger Woods on all of your accomplishments so far!

Trump Air Rises and Falls

Did you know that an airline was once part of Donald Trump’s empire? That is right, Trump Air was launched in 1989, but only had less than three years of flights. According to the, “while Trump broke into the shuttle business with typical bravado and brand mastery, he was brought low by a series of missteps and a softening economy. His lack of expertise in East Coast skies took a toll and he was forced to give up the airline after less than three years”. Trump tends to look at the things he has done, whether successful, or not, by focusing on a positive aspect. The article continues by quoting an interview in which Trump said, “it was a great experience, I enjoyed it. It was incredibly well financed. That was the days where banks put up more than 100 percent of the financing”. Trump truly has had his hands in a little of everything, and has lead a truly fascinating life.

Congratulations Apple!

Today, in 1976, the Apple I computer was released! Man, we have really come a long way since then, and i am sure the creator Steve Wozniak is proud to see how far his company has come since this release. Many people are not fortunate enough to get to see the growth of a company they started, sure they might know the potential, but the actual growth is a whole other thing. According to the website, “Wozniak went on to conceive the Apple II as part of the company’s personal-computer series, and by 1983, Apple stock had a value of $985 million”. Of course we know today Apple is worth much more, and one of the few companies that is debt free. Congratulations Mr. Wozniak for all you have done to help make Apple what it is now.

National Sibling Day, Reach Out and Remind Them They Are Loved

We should appreciate our family every day, after all they are usually the ones who are there for us when other people are not. Today is specifically a day you should appreciate your siblings as it is National Sibling Day! Sometimes siblings are not related by blood, or even someone you are raised with. We sometimes find a sibling type relationship with people that have been in our lives for long periods of time. Today you should make a point to give them a call if they live far, ask them to lunch or dinner if they live in the area, or even honor them with some sort of social media message. Whatever you choose, just reach out and remind them that they are loved, and appreciated.

Winston Churchill Day – What of Today’s “Iron Curtain”?

Winston Churchill day- Born to English aristocracy, son of Lord Randolph Churchill and a New York socialite, Jeanette “Jennie” Jerome.  His early education and military career shed little light on what would become his crucial role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945 and then again from 1951-1955.  Churchill is known to this day as the man who saved Britain during World War II.  Churchill never agreed with his peer Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s tactic of appeasing Hitler and his Nazi’s as a way to stay out of the war which inevitably pushed Chamberlain out and ushered Churchill in when Germany invaded the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.   (

Churchills-ion Curtain SpeechWhat is fascinating today is to listen to Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech made in the U.S. at Westminster College, Fulton Missouri on March 5, 1946.  Churchill was trying to get Americans to understand what was happening in Europe.  In his speech he predicts the eventual creation of Communist separation and recommends that Britain remain separate always from combining with the rest of the countries of Europe.  Churchill actually suggests a plan to spread democracy quickly without firing a shot.  Shades of what we hear today as we face a volatile world front.  Listen to Churchill’s fearless  speech about Europe, Russia and war in the presence of then U.S. President Harry Truman. ( )


Library Week May Be Ending, but Reading Should Not

We are coming to the end of library week, and being that I am an avid reader I thought I would keep this short, and encourage you to go out and visit your local library. You can’t beat the smell when walking in, of those old books, and the silence that greets you in the warm, inviting building. If you are not such a fan of going out, then here is a link to some of the current bestsellers so that you can at least grab a good book online. Whichever you choose, I hope you get a couple of hours today, either by yourself, or as a family, to read a good book!

The Ever Changing Culture of Beer

Beer has taken on a life of its own in the past few years. Wine tasting was very popular for a long time, and still is among certain groups, but now beer tasting has become the new trend. With Pub Restaurants popping up in cities everywhere, and new flavors coming on to the scene, how could people not flock to this new trend. There are lists, and rankings of the best beers for your parties, and games you can play at parties with beer and even Beer Olympics. For the more refined, beer tasting is now a popular activity, similar to wine tasting, here is a link on how to properly taste beer. There are also plenty of beer festivals to attend, here is a complete list of those, so that you don’t miss out! One last thing to mention, are beer trains, here is a link to one in Sacramento and they have one that leaves out of Oakdale, CA as well, but it looks to be hit and miss. Whatever event you do, please just make sure to call a cab, Uber, Lyft, or some other designated driver to get you home, be safe out there! Have a great weekend!