Amy Winehouse, Gone Too Soon

Do you ever notice how the really great singers / performers seem to die young? Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and the woman I am going to focus on, Amy Winehouse, to name a few. (If you are interested in a more in-depth list that includes actors, click here.) Amy Winehouse was known for her powerful, voice, among other things. She was not only an amazingly talented singer, she also wrote her own music and played the guitar. According to, “Amy was intelligent beyond her years. She would devour the Sunday newspapers at her best friend Juliette’s house. While her peers were reading teen magazines, Amy would sit at the kitchen table peppering Juliette’s mom with questions about news stories”. She was intelligent, and a beautiful soul, who tragically lost her life at the age of 27. I again say it seems many of our talented artists pass when they are young, and sadly, many from drugs or alcohol. Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011. Instead of remembering her for the bad parts of her life, I am going to memorialize the good parts, including one of my favorite albums “Back to Black”.

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