The Longest Day of the Year!

The first Day of summer is officially tomorrow, but the longest day of the year is today. When the sun’s zenith is at it’s furthest point from the equator. Solstice is Latin for “sun-stopping” and the longest day of the year has been the source of celebration since ancient times. Many Native Americans celebrated the longest day of the year with a Sun Dance, while the Mayas and Aztecs used the day as a marker by which to build many of their central structures, so that the buildings would align perfectly with the shadows of the two solstices, summer and winter.
Shakespeare set his famous comedy during the magic of midsummer’s evening. He may have been influenced by European folklore of the ability to see faeries on this night if you rubbed fern seeds on your eyelids at midnight—but if you did, you’d better have some rue on you or the faeries would lead you astray.

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