Plastic Bags, Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Are you familiar with the fees and bans imposed on plastic bags in different states? Here in California, we pay for the bags we use, but, interestingly enough, many places banned plastic bags, and started charging for paper. Yes, even though we are not using plastic we are still being charged. The most interesting part of all of this, is that the plastic bag industry has started bringing lawsuits to the places that are banning plastic. San Francisco was the first city that banned them, and nothing really happened at that time, but when other cities started following, the industry took notice, as stated on this website. So how many states currently have plastic bag bans/ fees? Currently only a handful, with many more in the works, as you will find on this website. Whether you have the fees or not, it is a good idea to re-use bags as much as possible, just to cut down on resources reduce our carbon footprint. Happy Shopping!

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