Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

The sun is out, what better time to get on your motorcycle and go for a ride. As with any road trip you take, safety is important. You should do a safety check on your motorcycle, to include checking tires, gas, electrical system, etc. And then from there, I found this list of other important safety checks for your ride. Here are a few from the list:

-A tire-plug kit and/or small pump along with portable GPS.
-A neck cooler for these warm days.
-Wrenches, sockets and other tools specific for your bike.
-First-Aid kit, Swiss Army knife, duct tape, and water (to stay hydrated).

There are many more items on the list, it is worth looking over, and maybe even printing out so that you have handy. Remember to stay safe out there, and if something does happen, protect yourself, and your rights.

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