Bastille Day in France

Today is Bastille Day in France. If you are unfamiliar with this, according to,it is a day, “to celebrate a mob breaking into an 18th century Parisian prison”. I am sure you are wondering why this is significant, the website continues by saying that it is, “akin to the United States 4th of July, the date marks the beginning of the republican democracy and the end of tyrannical rule”. So, this for France would be the celebration of their independence, and when did it happen, July 14, 1789. Ten days and 29 years after the United States gained our independence they found theirs, quite interesting. Today, it is not the storming of the Bastille that is celebrated, but instead, “it is a day to celebrate the three tenants of the republican national motto: ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’”.

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