FDR- The Only U.S. President to Serve More Than Two Terms

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (commonly referred to as FDR) is the only United States President to be elected for four terms, even though he technically only served three terms, due to his passing. After his passing in 1945, congress passed the 22nd Amendment limiting a president to two terms in office (eight years). This was ratified by the states on February 27th, 1951, making FDR the only sitting President to serve more than two terms. FDR had many accomplishments during his three terms as President, which is why he was elected so many times. Some of these accomplishments, according to politicsreport.com, include, “starting the FDIC, which is still used today, to ensure security of an individuals account. FDR started the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) which did several things to improve working standards. He also created the Fair labor Standards Act, setting child labor laws, eliminating the unfair exploitation of child workers”. He is also the man you have to thank for Social Security.

There were many other things he did during his time in office, which was not an easy one. With war, and The Great Depression, the country was at an all-time low when he was elected. It would seem that all of the improvements that he made are why the people elected him so many times. He seemed like he was truly an inspirational leader during his time.

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