Father’s Day is Right Around the Corner

Father’s Day is on Sunday, have you gotten Dad that perfect gift yet? Whether you make the gift, take your dad out, or buy him something he is sure to appreciate whatever it is. Yesterday I wrote about taking him to the Aquarium, somewhere to escape this crazy California heat. If you plan to stay around the heat, then maybe an early morning or evening activity is the way to go. Here are some ideas of activities to do with Dad! If you want to escape the heat, then maybe a trip to Tahoe is the ticket. It will still be warm there, but not the hundred degrees of the valley. And if you hit up the lake, that water is nice and cold. Zephyr Cove is a great spot, with plenty of activities! If you are unable to make it out of town, or maybe dad is just not into that, then perhaps making dad dinner or buy him a nice gift. Whatever you end up doing, your dad is sure to enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day!

Catch Some Coolness at an Aquarium

The month of June is Aquarium Month, which could be a great Father’s Day activity! There are several amazing Aquariums throughout California, one of the most well-known in the United States is just about two hours away from my hometown of Modesto, The Monterey Bay Aquarium. No matter where you live you are sure to find a nice aquarium, but if you live in California, then click here for a list from Northern to Southern California! Enjoy your time at the aquarium, it is a great family event, and it is educational, which is awesome!