Finding Ways to Combat Boredom

The month of July is Anti- Boredom Month, so what exactly is boredom? According to it is, “the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest”. We all have different ideas of what boredom mean. For some of us, we find doing the same task repetitively boring, while others enjoy it. Some of us find being alone boring, while others relish the idea of it. And some of us, well, some of us find the sound of a long car ride, painfully boring, while some love the idea of getting to see the world pass by. We are all different which is what makes us so great.

So the question is, what should we do if we get bored, how do we get past it? If you are a reader, a good book that you can lose yourself in will get you there, and here is a list of what is hot now. If you have children, try something new with them, such as a backyard picnic, scavenger hunt, or other ideas from this list. Maybe you need a new activity, hobby, or goal to reach for, this list has some ideas on healthy ways to combat boredom. If you are work perhaps starting on a new task, or getting up to stretch your legs and grab some water. The thing is there is always plenty to do, maybe we don’t want to do it (like exercise, or cleaning) but sometimes once you begin the activity your time flies, and soon you forgot being bored altogether.

I will leave you with an article on some famous quotes on boredom, who knows, one might really speak to you, and inspire.