Ice Cream…For Breakfast

You might know people who eat dessert before their meal, for many it is a right of passage, but eating ice cream for breakfast, that is true dedication. And that is what today is, a day to eat ice cream for breakfast. I posted recently about what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you, and now I am posting about having it for breakfast, clearly I am a fan. So just for today, you should consider having your ice cream before anything else. Here is a link to the Baskin Robbins website so you can grab their hours unless you already have some sitting in the freezer at home, like me.

French Toast, The National Holiday

An entire day of French toast, why not?? That is correct, there is actually a National French Toast Day, I’ve heard some strange ones, but this one proves interesting. Here’s 31 Life-Changing Ways to Eat French Toast, really, 31. Who would have known. And then for flavors, how does Orange Creamsicle French toast sound, life changing?  There is also a Nutella & Bacon stuffed French toast, who doesn’t love bacon!!  I know I do, and I am excited to try out some of these recipe’s!!!