Stay Cool During the Heat Wave

It’s HOT outside, very HOT! Parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are on extreme heat warnings and watches. Those of us in Northern California, around Sacramento have already seen record breaking temperatures, and the over 100-degree days are supposed to be around until Saturday. If you have elderly neighbors, make sure to check on them. If you have pets, try to keep them indoors, and make sure they have plenty of water. Try to exercise earlier in the day, when it is still cool(ish) outside. Remember to do laundry, and other high electricity things early or late, as power outages increase in really hot weather. Here are some other tips on staying cool with all of this hot weather. Lastly, remember to stay hydrated yourself! Click this link on tips to staying hydrated on these excessively hot days!

Catch Some Coolness at an Aquarium

The month of June is Aquarium Month, which could be a great Father’s Day activity! There are several amazing Aquariums throughout California, one of the most well-known in the United States is just about two hours away from my hometown of Modesto, The Monterey Bay Aquarium. No matter where you live you are sure to find a nice aquarium, but if you live in California, then click here for a list from Northern to Southern California! Enjoy your time at the aquarium, it is a great family event, and it is educational, which is awesome!

American Graffiti Weekend

Are you familiar with American Graffiti? It is both a tradition in the town of Modesto, Ca, and a well-known movie directed by none other than George Lucas. Mr. Lucas actually came from Modesto, which is why he did the movie, showcasing old cars, and the famous disc-jockey Wolfman Jack! Today, there is still a car show, consisting of older cars parading around the downtown Modesto area, on the first night, and then an actual show the couple of days after. This year is the 19th Annual American Graffiti Festival and it takes place June 9th, 10th & 11th. People come in from all over to check the old cars out, and showcase theirs, it’s a good positive weekend, full of family and friends. If you do not have any plans this weekend, and you are in the area, come on out, and enjoy yourself, the weather should be amazing for it this year!

Get Out There and Take A Ride!

National bike month is quickly coming to an end! Did you dust off your bike and go for a ride this month? There is still time to get a ride in, and what better time than a holiday weekend! You can grab the whole family, and do a shorter ride around your neighborhood, making loops, or you can choose to do a longer one. If the kiddos aren’t up for the longer ride, then maybe a short one with them, before or after the longer one you do is in order. I found this list of trails around Modesto, it includes places that you might want to drive to first, but the experienced cycler could easy bike there and then bike the trail. I did not notice that the list included the area in Ripon around the river, so I found this article that goes over that trail. If you choose to do the Ripon trail you will probably want to use a mountain bike.

This brings up a good point, remember, different trails do require different forms of bikes. For instance, if the trail is paved all of the way, you will probably be okay with a road bike. If you have dirt and road surface then maybe a hybrid bike, or mountain bike is better. With all dirt trails, you are most likely going to want a mountain bike, but a hybrid could work too. If you are looking to just “cruise” around then a beach cruiser is right up your alley! Regardless of the type of bike you use, you still might want to have the tires “slimed”, to help make them stronger and protect the tires.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your time riding. Let loose, be free, and have fun with it!

California Poppies Beautiful to View but Don’t Pick Them

Today is the day we honor our beautiful state flower the California Poppy! The California Poppy is a drought resistant flower, which is probably why it was picked as the state flower in 1903. Poppies are more than just a flower, as states, “Native Americans in California valued the poppy as a food source and for the oil extracted from the plant”. We thought you might like to head out and grab some seeds to plant a few of your own. They are beautiful and will plant just about anywhere. Here are some tips on growing poppies in California. And if you just want to take a moment to view the beautiful flowers, here is a link to a video from the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. You can enjoy looking at these beautiful golden flowers, just remember it is illegal to pick them!

Spring Has Sprung!

Today is the first day of Spring!! It is the time of year when the weather starts to get warmer, everything starts to blossom and bloom, well, theoretically. Here in Northern California it also means rain, that is right, we are having a nice little storm this week, and the temperatures are supposed to get colder. The random weather continues, or at least it has felt random, but in reality, when looking up averages, we are right in line for this time of year. The average high is 65, and the average low is 44, for March. I thought you might also like to see the March averages for rainfall, so here is a link to that. So while we do start to get outdoors more, and the days are longer, and it does get warmer, we are still not out of the cooler climate just yet. Enjoy the sun when you can, and keep those umbrellas handy!!

A Guide to Your Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! Around the U.S. we hold many celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone turns a little Irish. The first parade occurred in New York in 1762, and since we have continued to grow. In Chicago, they turn the river green every year. Boston always holds a large parade in South Boston “Southie”, and Dropkick Murphy’s performs every year at House of Blues. In New York they still have the tradition of their parade, but here is a complete list of things to do, so that you can find what suits you best!


For those of us on the West Coast, we have plenty of opportunities to celebrate too. In San Francisco, you can enjoy the annual parade, next year, as it took place on March 11th this year, but the Holiday Block Party is happening on the 17th, so still festivities to enjoy!! In Los Angeles, they have a Parade, and pub crawls, like everywhere, they also have a number of races you can check out for those of you wanting something a little healthier.

If you are really into the celebrating you could hit up parties (or races) on the East and West Coasts, and still get back in time to work on Monday! Now that would be some incredible dedication!!! Whatever you decide, please have fun, and be safe, and if you are going to hit the town, please call Lyft, or Uber, or ca cab, for paid rides, AAA for a free ride, or maybe even try a parent, or friend. It is only ignorant if you don’t ask.

Motorcycle Time

The weather is changing and the rain is fading, a welcome relief from the abnormal amount of rain California has seen over the last few months. Today is supposed to be the first day of 70-degree weather in Northern California since November, a long stretch for us. With the nicer weather brings additional motorcycle riders, and more reasons to be cautious on the road. While motorcycle fatalities were down in California in 2015  they were up in other parts of the country. Part of the reason fatalities are down are the helmet laws here, because we actually have the highest rate of riders. While fatalities are down, injuries are still fairly high, these stats are from the CHP from 2013, but still give you a good idea.

If you are in an accident you should connect with a lawyer, so that your rights are protected. Insurance companies are out for themselves, so you want to make sure you have someone looking out for you. I can help with your needs by contacting me, and if I don’t fit, I can help refer you to someone that might.

Coffee, Cars and Cops

If you are one of the many who stayed up last night to ring in the New Year then you might be grabbing for extra coffee this morning. Before you drink too much, we thought we would bring this case to your attention.  Here in my lovely home state of California, a man named Joseph Schwab has been charged with driving under the influence of a drug.  The drug being none other than caffeine, yes caffeine.

You can read the details of the case in the article written by attorney, Steve Lehto who specializes in Lemon Law, here. Mr. Schwab’s case has been going on since August 5, 2015, when he was pulled over by a California alcoholic beverage control agent in an unmarked car. The agent claimed Schwab’s driving indicated he was under the influence of something.

I can recall a similar situation, where an acquaintance of mine with a commercial driver’s license was being detained at the scales in California and determined to be “under the influence”.  At the time the driver had taken large amounts of “No-Doz” to stay awake.  Much like Mr. Schwab’s case, it took an actual blood test to determine what the truck driver was on since a breathalyzer and other tests came up negative.  That case, back in the early ‘90’s ended up being dismissed.


National Adoption Day

Honorable, Sacrificial, Redeemable and EXPENSIVE.   While I don’t personally handle adoption cases, many of my peers do.  Let’s take a look at what it really takes to adopt, besides a very patient and giving nature:

  1. It takes on average, 3 years and $30,000 to adopt a child internationally.
  2. In domestic adoptions, you may pay less to adopt a black child than you would a white child.
  3. Gay couples can’t adopt in Utah and Mississippi
  4. Russia stopped adopting children to the U.S. two years ago.

You can read more interesting facts here.

Did you know Bethany in Modesto has been offering loving Christian care to children and families since 1944.  Considering adoption, do take a look at Bethany .  Their services include pregnancy support as well as  adoption. For more information on the services they offer please click here.