Be Mindful of Others When on the Phone

July is Cell Phone courtesy month! Cell phones are everywhere, from kids and teens to parents and grandparents, everyone has one. One thing we all seem to forget with our phones, is that when using them in public, to have courtesy for the people around us. I started thinking about what cell phone etiquette is, so I found this article from Huffington Post that goes over the basics, I will skim over them.

-Lower your voice, and try not to have personal conversations when others can hear, when in public.
-Avoid taking calls, and texting when having face-to-face conversations.
-Put your phone on silent when in places that are supposed to be quiet (library, restaurant, theater, etc.).
-Hang up your phone when you are driving, no texting or social media.
-Sometimes phones have delays, or drop calls, be patient.
-Give people space if you see them on the phone, try not to invade their personal space.

Phones are probably going to continue to be more and more popular, so just think about where you are, and who is around you before taking a call. Keep it courteous!