The Importance of Keeping Our Children Safe

Children’s safety is important as ever in this day and age. Keeping your children safe can be a full-time job, as there are so many additional dangers out there. From the time your baby enters your home, you are child-proofing, adding rugs to hard floors, plastic to sharp corners, safety plugs in the outlets, anchoring furniture, and making sure blind cords are out of reach, among other things. From there you have to worry about toys, not just pieces falling off and children putting them in their mouth, but smart toys (toys that can be connected to the internet) might be hacked. Talking to strangers, going out in the street, not jumping on the bed, the list goes on and on when children are young, in keeping them safe.

As children get older, some of the old dangers still apply, but new ones emerge. Once a child is old enough to have a smart phone or tablet, then you have to worry about new outside predators. And let’s face it, our children tend to be better with technology then adults. There are many internet dangers to be cautious of, including some you might not have heard of, or are thinking of, click this link for an article on some of these dangers. There are also other ones that can pop up, such as when Slenderman became well known, or Blue Whale. We as parents have so many ways that we need to keep our children safe, and we do the best we can, we just need to make sure we are staying informed with the new hidden dangers.