Happy Birthday Donald Duck

Today is Donald Duck’s Birthday! It was on June 9, 1934 that Donald Duck first appeared on the big screen co-starting in Silly Symphony, “The Wise Little Hen”. Donald has appeared in a number of cartoons since then, including many spin-off cartoons, for a full list of his television accomplishments click here. He is still on the tube today, starring alongside Mickey and pals.
Even though it is Donald’s birthday, it got me thinking of another famous cartoon duck, this one goes by the name of Daffy. I prefer Daffy over Donald, but there are many similarities between the two. They both have tempers, but Daffy seems to get into a little more trouble than Donald. If you have ever watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” then you have seen one of the few instances of them sharing the screen together. Click here for a little preview. Whichever duck you prefer, both seem to bring the right amount of comic relief, and trouble with them, and it is enjoyable to watch! And I of course do want to wish Donald a very happy birthday!