International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

It is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, and our dogs do appreciate the creator! In this day and age, our dogs are often more like part of the family, and we are turning to making pet food, even though we might not make our own. And, of course, they get treats too. I don’t know about you, but my dog is actually picky when it comes to treats, almost a snob. Just the good stuff for my Melky, so the traditional treats don’t work so much. I have found some pretty good recipes for online such as this one  or these.

But then I also found step-by-step directions to kind of create your own treats based on your dog’s likes. Whatever your choice just remember, to love your animal, as I do Melky, and to reward sparingly.

Top Christmas Gifts From Pets

We receive companionship, peace, laughter and entertainment from our four-legged friends, so here’s our chance to give back.  I found this website with everything from Pet Selfie Sticks, to the famous “Woof Washer” and everything in between! And if you are familiar with Birchbox there’s “Barkbox” for your pup!

If you are as close to your dog as I am to Melky, you might want to consider getting your dog insured, especially those pure breeds. Here is a link to the reasons that you should consider this for your animal!

What You Should Avoid Giving Animals To Eat

Don’t Feed Ducks Bread, Dogs Garlic, Onions or Chocolate. It’s that time of year when the animals in our lives actually get more than normal as they benefit from our “too loving” way. But are they really benefiting?

Innocently enough, much out of habit, and emulating, we humans have been feeding ducks bread for decades. In England and Wales alone, they feed 6 million loaves of bread per year.  The reality is feeding ducks bread is like feeding them junk food. In fact, it causes a debilitating disease known as “angel wing” which doesn’t sound bad, does it?  It’s bad, really bad ,“Angel Wing” is when a ducks wings point out laterally, making them unable to fly. There is much more information on this that can be found here. What should you feed them, here is a short list of alternatives:

  • Can (canned, fresh or frozen)
  • Lettuce, or other greens torn into small pieces
  • Frozen Peas that have been defrosted
  • Oats, either rolled or instant
  • Seeds
  • Duck Pellets

While we’re on the subject of what not to feed animals, did you know dogs can’t digest garlic or onions?  Neither did I.  So I found this handy-dandy list of all the things you should not feed your dog (and most of the time cats too).  This list should be taken very serious. Are you curious what you should do if your dog accidentally eats something they shouldn’t, here’s a good article from a veterinarian that is helpful too!