Waffle’s Galore Yum

Waffle Day, what, what. Are you a fan? Is there a specific type of waffle you tend to lean toward? Now-a-days there are so many different types, and you can get fruit or cinnamon in them, or even on them. So, I do what I always do, and did a little research on the waffle. It might surprise you to know that it dates back to the Neolithic Age, according to the website thenibble.com. The site states that, “as a rustic hotcake made of cereal pulps, cooked on heated stones, it was flipped so that both sides might be cooked by the heat”. Of course, one does wonder what they put on it, or if it was just eaten plain. It continued to be eaten through the ages, and in the 13th Century, “a craftsman had the idea of forging cooking plates that reproduced the characteristic of honeycombs”, making what would be the first waffle iron.


The site continues describing the evolution of the waffle through the times. Here are some fun facts:


1930’s- Waffle irons become standard kitchen appliances


1953- Brought us “Froffles” what came to be known as Eggos in 1955, those fun frozen waffles that you throw in your toaster.


1964- This is when “Belgian waffles” made their debut at the New York World’s Fair in Queens.


And into the 21st Century where the waffle has taken on a life of its own with different flavors, toppings, and even its own day of celebration.


Here is a link to the many different types of waffles out there today. 


Whether you are a more traditional eater with just butter and syrup, or if you like to go crazy with your toppings, you should definitely go out and grab a waffle today!!