Get Ready to Fly!

Did you see footage of the newest car floating around? I am not talking about another self-driving car, no I am talking about a car that actually flies! Google founder Larry Page is backing a company called Kitty Hawk and they have created two prototypes of flying cars. I feel like we are living in the Jetsons, remember when that cartoon was just a fantasy? Fantasy has become reality! While we still seem to be a long way off from flying cars being the norm on roads (or rather above them) it is pretty cool that what was once  fantasy world, is now a kind of reality. Click this link for more information on the “all-electric aircraft”.  The link also includes a video of the aircraft being “driven”, pretty cool stuff!

Greatest Inventions Of The 21st Century

Today is National Inventors Day, so I thought I would look at the most important inventions of the 21st Century. I found this list, from the Telegraph, and unsurprisingly technology was the theme. From iPods and iPhones, to Firefox, the Kindle and driverless cars, we are all effected by something on this list.  Short, sweet and to the point, as the list speaks for itself, enjoy!

Review Time

Reviews –  I’ve been very fortunate to have clients and colleagues favor me with positive feedback over the years. But today is a new day and those great referrals need to take on a digital life of their own. Please take a moment to visit one of my social platforms for review, just click on the logo to take you directly there. Thank you!!