Joseph M. Hilbe

Joseph Hilbe was an American statistician and philosopher who was born on this day in Los Angeles, Ca, 1944, and let me say, this guy is pretty cool. He graduated from CSU Chico with a degree in philosophy but was also a Track & Field star, and in fact, some of his records still stand. Hilbe coached a US team, was an NCAA Division 1 coach and also Olympic Games official, but here’s where his life gets even more interesting, Hilbe is most noted for his work as a statistician. Specifically he developed models used in the disciplines of bio-statistics and health outcome analysis.  His models are the standards used for modeling over-dispersed count data (think Medicare, drug and treatment outcomes, etc).

Hilbe’s most recent endeavors involve astronomy and meteorites. Can you guess what he’s doing? Better understanding and interpretation of astronomical data, tip of the iceberg really.  Read More.