Take Time to Take a Walk Today

Today is a take a walk in the park day, and while the weather here in the valley is warm, that wind is wicked. So, you might want to do something about those allergies before heading out, and take a Kleenex or two with you. Here is a link to a few different home remedies to help alleviate some of that sneezing, they include saline spray, a Neti Pot and local honey. Here is a link to find local honey in case you are interested. Since we are dealing with wind, you might want to take a kite out with you, it is the perfect day for that. Another option is of course taking the pooch out on your walk with you, which is what I plan to do. As you can see from the image, Melky and I enjoy our walks together! Whatever you decide, I hope it is a great day for you!