A Guide to Your Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! Around the U.S. we hold many celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, the day when everyone turns a little Irish. The first parade occurred in New York in 1762, and since we have continued to grow. In Chicago, they turn the river green every year. Boston always holds a large parade in South Boston “Southie”, and Dropkick Murphy’s performs every year at House of Blues. In New York they still have the tradition of their parade, but here is a complete list of things to do, so that you can find what suits you best!


For those of us on the West Coast, we have plenty of opportunities to celebrate too. In San Francisco, you can enjoy the annual parade, next year, as it took place on March 11th this year, but the Holiday Block Party is happening on the 17th, so still festivities to enjoy!! In Los Angeles, they have a Parade, and pub crawls, like everywhere, they also have a number of races you can check out for those of you wanting something a little healthier.

If you are really into the celebrating you could hit up parties (or races) on the East and West Coasts, and still get back in time to work on Monday! Now that would be some incredible dedication!!! Whatever you decide, please have fun, and be safe, and if you are going to hit the town, please call Lyft, or Uber, or ca cab, for paid rides, AAA for a free ride, or maybe even try a parent, or friend. It is only ignorant if you don’t ask.

Spaghetti, Firefighters and Dog Food

I ran across this news report from 2007 while on the net the other day. According to Action 5 News in Memphis, TN, “The city will pay $1.43 million to settle claims by a black firefighter who said he suffered harassment and discrimination after co-workers served him spaghetti laced with dog food, officials announced Friday.

“Tennie Pierce will receive $60,000 in back pay and drop all claims against the city of Los Angeles.

“Tennie Pierce’s lawsuit was to go to trial Monday.

“As part of the settlement, Pierce will receive about $60,000 in back pay, City Clerk Frank Martinez said in a statement. Pierce, who has been on unpaid leave, also agreed to resign from the Fire Department and drop all claims against the city.

“The $1.3 million payment is considerably less than a $2.7 million settlement the City Council agreed to pay Pierce last year. That deal was later vetoed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when photos surfaced on a Web site showing Pierce participating in hazing pranks.

‘Today’s agreement is the best possible outcome for the taxpayers. It reduces the original settlement by nearly half, while protecting Angelenos from further liability,’ Villaraigosa said.

“Last week, legal experts warned the City Council that Pierce’s lawsuit could cost the city more than $7 million if it goes to trial.”

Can someone say “mediation” and “there’s more to this story”!!

Joseph M. Hilbe

Joseph Hilbe was an American statistician and philosopher who was born on this day in Los Angeles, Ca, 1944, and let me say, this guy is pretty cool. He graduated from CSU Chico with a degree in philosophy but was also a Track & Field star, and in fact, some of his records still stand. Hilbe coached a US team, was an NCAA Division 1 coach and also Olympic Games official, but here’s where his life gets even more interesting, Hilbe is most noted for his work as a statistician. Specifically he developed models used in the disciplines of bio-statistics and health outcome analysis.  His models are the standards used for modeling over-dispersed count data (think Medicare, drug and treatment outcomes, etc).

Hilbe’s most recent endeavors involve astronomy and meteorites. Can you guess what he’s doing? Better understanding and interpretation of astronomical data, tip of the iceberg really.  Read More.