Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts

Every year those in the state of Massachusetts get a holiday in the name of Patriots’ Day. What is this holiday, well for one, it is the day the Boston Marathon is run, and is also known as Marathon Monday. It is also a day that the Red Sox always play a home game. It is a state holiday where much is closed, and many are on the streets celebrating. Patriots’ Day as officially made a holiday on April 19, 1894, however in 1969 it was officially moved to the third Monday of April. It was in 1959 that the Red Sox began to always have a home game on Patriots’ Day, and was moved to a 11a.m. start time in 1968, to ensure those at the game would get out in time to cheer on the runners. It is a day of celebration, of history, and patriotism.

In 2013 two men would try to ruin the patriotism of Massachusetts by setting off bombs disrupting one of the greatest marathons. It would take law enforcement only 4 days to create a timeline, and make one arrest (the other bomber was killed in a shootout). Here is a timeline you can find on regarding exactly how everything progressed. The thing these men did not know, Patriots’ Day is called that for a reason, as the people of Massachusetts very much love their city, and are fiercely protective of it. In fact, if you watch the movie “Patriots Day” starring Mark Wahlberg, you get an accurate portrayal of just how much people love that state.

Four years after the bombing, the Marathon is still going strong. And in fact, it was during this years race that the current mayor of Boston announced that a permanent memorial would be made and in place in time for the 2018 race.

If you ever have a chance to visit Boston for the marathon I would encourage you to do so. It really is a fascinating, moving day, full of amazing people, and fun times!!

Time To Break Out The Apple Cider

What is the difference between apple cider and apple juice? The answer, apple cider is a raw, unfiltered, unsweetened, non-alcoholic drink, while apple juice is filtered, thus having a longer shelf life.  Because of the limited shelf-life, untreated cider has become a seasonal beverage produced mostly in the fall and winter months (when apple harvesting is at the peak).

Contrary to popular belief, apples are not native to North America.  That “Johnny Appleseed” story you learned in grade school is really true.

The first apple orchard in North America was planted in 1625 in Boston, MA.  John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman, traveled ahead of settlers crossing American and began planting small orchards.  Here is a short bio on him if you are interested in more information.

This post would not be complete without a little recipe so  you can make your own delicious cider.

For those of us a little older, we can make it an “adult beverage” by adding a shot of Tuaca to your mix.