Get Out There and Take A Ride!

National bike month is quickly coming to an end! Did you dust off your bike and go for a ride this month? There is still time to get a ride in, and what better time than a holiday weekend! You can grab the whole family, and do a shorter ride around your neighborhood, making loops, or you can choose to do a longer one. If the kiddos aren’t up for the longer ride, then maybe a short one with them, before or after the longer one you do is in order. I found this list of trails around Modesto, it includes places that you might want to drive to first, but the experienced cycler could easy bike there and then bike the trail. I did not notice that the list included the area in Ripon around the river, so I found this article that goes over that trail. If you choose to do the Ripon trail you will probably want to use a mountain bike.

This brings up a good point, remember, different trails do require different forms of bikes. For instance, if the trail is paved all of the way, you will probably be okay with a road bike. If you have dirt and road surface then maybe a hybrid bike, or mountain bike is better. With all dirt trails, you are most likely going to want a mountain bike, but a hybrid could work too. If you are looking to just “cruise” around then a beach cruiser is right up your alley! Regardless of the type of bike you use, you still might want to have the tires “slimed”, to help make them stronger and protect the tires.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your time riding. Let loose, be free, and have fun with it!

The Power of the Pedal!

May is a busy month for bicycling! Not only is it National Bike Month, and then within that the start of National Bike to Work Week, here in Modesto, CA, we had the Amgen Tour of California begin stage 2 here today! It makes me tired just thinking of all of that peddling! Bicycling is so good for not just the health of the person riding it, but the health of others as well, as it does not contribute to air pollution. I found this article from on the health benefits of riding, which include: 

Improving your heart; losing fat; preventing cancer; and living longer.

And here is a website on how biking is much better for the environment then driving a car, listing reasons like fuel, batteries and motor oil.

If it is feasible for you to ride to work, or maybe even for errands, anything to let that car sit more, you will thank yourself for your better health, and the planet will thank you too!