French Toast, The National Holiday

An entire day of French toast, why not?? That is correct, there is actually a National French Toast Day, I’ve heard some strange ones, but this one proves interesting. Here’s 31 Life-Changing Ways to Eat French Toast, really, 31. Who would have known. And then for flavors, how does Orange Creamsicle French toast sound, life changing?  There is also a Nutella & Bacon stuffed French toast, who doesn’t love bacon!!  I know I do, and I am excited to try out some of these recipe’s!!!

Chaos Never Dies…Even If We Want It To

Life is chaotic. Even if you are organized, and put everything back where it goes, there are too many variables outside of a person’s control, so chaos ensues. This is why there is a “holiday” dedicated to it. After all, it is what we do with the chaos we face that effects the person we are. Today, November 9th, is a day that we should embrace the chaos, try to laugh when that one thing goes wrong…again. Remember, chaos is a way to remind yourself you are alive, it will humble you, and anger you, and maybe make you are person that you don’t enjoy being. When this happens, I want you to remember this video, as you should just find a way to go with it: