Thank You Nurses, Thank You!

While we should appreciate the nurses in our lives every day, today we honor them specifically as it is National Nurses Day! If you have ever been in a car accident, and been to the hospital, you usually see the nurse more than the doctor. Nurses have many different roles that they play within their job. I found this list of six roles on the website

“Caregiver”- probably the most obvious.

“Decision maker”- maybe not as obvious since we would probably think the doctor makes all of the decisions.

“Communicator”- between the doctor and patient, patient and family, and the different departments needed.

“Manager of care”- A little different than caregiver, but along the same lines.

“Patient advocate”- Yes! Probably one of their most important roles!

“Teacher”- They teach the patients, and also family when giving them knowledge about their condition.

I encourage you to check out the list a little more in-depth, it is a good article, worth the quick read.

I found another list, the 10 reasons we should appreciate nurses, on I will let you click this link for the entire list, while I highlight a few:

-When you are scared because you do not know what is going on with you, they are there for you. While they may not have all of the answers, they will generally tell you what they can to put your mind at ease.

-Not only do they help you, they also help your family. They answer questions family members might have, and do their best to answer questions, while staying polite, even if the family is yelling at them.

-The work they do is emotionally taxing, they might have one patient who is terminal, and another patient who is going home. They continuously have to change between emotional situations, while keeping their cool.

-They have power over you, yes, while the doctors may write the orders, the nurses see them out. They are giving you drugs (when needed) for pain, starting IV’s, bandaging wounds, and even cleaning you, so make it a point to be respectful to them.

Nurses are very hardworking, but don’t always get the credit they deserve. The next time you find yourself in the situation to be under a doctor’s care, but you spend more time with the nurse, show them your appreciation. Not only will you help to make their day better, you will also make yours better too.