The Science of  Micro Facial Expressions Meets Emoji’s

I’m having an “Ekman Moment”…again.  Probably because I’ve received at least half a dozen emoji laden texts and e-mails today; and I’m an attorney.

So how could one apply Dr. Ekman’s micro-expression method towards parenting.  Ekman uses the Pixar film “Inside Out” to illustrate how it could work and what we need to look for.  Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen “Inside Out” you’ll see many scenes from the movie.  Enjoy!

Arnold Palmer Remains My Favorite Drink

I’ve sited well-known psychologist, Dr. Paul Ekman several times over the years for his incredible work as co-discoverer of micro-expressions.  The science of reading hidden emotions in people through these facial expressions that occur 1/25th of a second.  Yes, you read it right, science.  Really fascinating and helpful to everyone from the CIA to an attorney like me.  Read more.

But a funny thing happened to Dr. Ekman on the way to his many, many accolades, scientific projects and programs of compassion; HOLLYWOOD.  If you’ve never seen the series “Lie To Me” you should, but according to Dr. Ekman, focus on Season 1.  The series won “People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Crime Drama” and stars Tim Roth.

Read Dr. Ekman’s revealing blog about his Hollywood experience, what it did for his work and how he came to love “Arnold Palmer”, the drink , not the golfer.