We Love Our Pets

Did you know that there is a whole list of days for pet owners recognizing different days having to do with being a pet owner? Yes, you can Google Pet Holidays and find lists such as this one, and learn that there are many days in honor of our pets. Today, April 18, 2017 for instance, is known as Pet Owners Independence Day. So what is this day exactly, well if you read up online it was a day to switch roles with your pets. Can you imagine your dog or cat driving into work, while we lay on the floor, waiting for attention, someone to scratch our head. Seems pretty funny, but wouldn’t it be nice. Here is a link to some of the details I found on this holiday. And of course my image of choice is my Melky. I guess I will have to get one of him sitting at my desk with a little jacket on, to truly play the role.