Police Officers Ride Motorcycles Too

Motorcycle Police officers have become more popular over the years, and while the exact number may not be known, you can probably get a feel with seeing more for them out there on the road. Unfortunately, with additional motorcycle police, come additional injuries and deaths. According to officer.com motorcycle collisions were ranked third in cause of death for officers. Now, even though it causes injury, and sometimes death, the number of fatalities has declined since 1969 when they changed the training, making it more comprehensive, so that the death toll would drop. According to ABC10.com of the 233 police officer deaths in the line of duty over one third of them were motorcycle wrecks. You might be asking yourself why they still train officers to ride motorcycles with so many fatalities. The reason is that they are able to get to places that police cars are too big for. So they are helpful in pursuits in a way cars cannot be. Hopefully the training continues to get more comprehensive, and the body armor continues to get better, so that the number of deaths will stay on trend to be lower.

Not to take away from the seriousness of the post, but I had to bring up one of the most famous motorcycle police riders, Ponch! I have not seen the remake of CHIPS, but the trailer does look funny! Enjoy the clip here.