Winston Churchill Day – What of Today’s “Iron Curtain”?

Winston Churchill day- Born to English aristocracy, son of Lord Randolph Churchill and a New York socialite, Jeanette “Jennie” Jerome.  His early education and military career shed little light on what would become his crucial role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945 and then again from 1951-1955.  Churchill is known to this day as the man who saved Britain during World War II.  Churchill never agreed with his peer Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s tactic of appeasing Hitler and his Nazi’s as a way to stay out of the war which inevitably pushed Chamberlain out and ushered Churchill in when Germany invaded the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.   (

Churchills-ion Curtain SpeechWhat is fascinating today is to listen to Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech made in the U.S. at Westminster College, Fulton Missouri on March 5, 1946.  Churchill was trying to get Americans to understand what was happening in Europe.  In his speech he predicts the eventual creation of Communist separation and recommends that Britain remain separate always from combining with the rest of the countries of Europe.  Churchill actually suggests a plan to spread democracy quickly without firing a shot.  Shades of what we hear today as we face a volatile world front.  Listen to Churchill’s fearless  speech about Europe, Russia and war in the presence of then U.S. President Harry Truman. ( )


Still Honoring Our Presidents

Presidents Day was yesterday, and in honor of our wonderful Presidents, we thought we would look up how many of them were lawyers. In fact, 25 of our 45 Presidents were lawyers, Harvard having the most Presidential graduates with four. Here is the complete list with some fun little tidbits about them. For instance, did you know, “the three best known Western name in China are Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley, and Richard Nixon”, and that Obama has a nerdy side enjoying comic books and Harry Potter!!

This got us thinking about what else the past Presidents had done. We found this list, which lists professions by number of Presidents. Common jobs were in Politics (probably a given), but there were also a number of educators, businessman, and journalists/writers. Many of our Presidents were Ambassadors, and there were even a few farmers. Do you know the number one profession? You will have to click to find out…it is quite interesting, recognizing our rich history!!


10 Elections Decided by One Vote. Sounds like something that may have happened centuries ago, maybe the early days of the U.S.   But the reality is, narrow voting margins happen more often than you’d think.  This slick site gives us a quick rundown on close elections and the manner in which ties, yes ties in the 20th and 21st centuries, were resolved.

How else would gentlemen settle a tie in Nevada?   Drawing playing cards, of course, with the high hand taking home the election spoils. In 2002, Republican Dee Honeycutt came up short, drawing a jack of diamonds to Democrat R.J. Gillum’s jack of spades for a seat on the Esmeralda County Commission. Card justice was again deployed in 2011, when Tanya Flanagan and Linda Meisenheimer tied in a North Las Vegas city council primary, and neither candidate wanted to pony up $600 for the cost of a recount. Meisenheimer ended up drawing a king to Flanagan’s five, but ended up losing the election. To which we say, $600 well-saved.

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