Old Rock Day

What is rock and roll without a lawsuit, afterall, lawsuits are just part of doing business.  In addition to some great music from the time; check out this YouTube clip of the Top 50 Classic Rock Songs of All Time.  Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Infamous Rock Lawsuits of all time.

The list gets started with a suit of copyright infringement between Bright Tunes, who owns the rights to The Chiffons hit, “He’s So Fine” and George Harrison for the song “My Sweet Lord”.  Before “My Sweet Lord” even completed its run up to it’s eventual #1, Bright Tunes filed suit.  A judge did indeed find for Bright Tunes and ordered Harrison to pay out ¾ of the royalties he had received from “My Sweet Lord”. Read on for more details about this, and others including  John Fogerty, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and more.