Happy Social Media Day

It’s Social Media Day! Social Media has become quite the fixture in many of our lives. From the good ole’ days of MySpace, to Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and Twitter, there are so many places to share. We spend hours a day looking on social media, for news (real and fake), living vicariously through others, and of course looking at businesses for info we need. Social Media can definitely benefit our lives when used properly, but there are many who do not. The live videos for instance were not meant for committing crime, but we are watching more and more commit heinous acts via social media. On the flip side, we have watched people find hope and joy through inspirational stories. Whatever your use for social media; business using it to communicate with customers, personal using it to connect with friends and family, just remember whatever you post is there for the world, so think before you post. Click this link for an article on social media, and have fun with it!