Let’s Go Strawberry Picking!

Tomorrow is strawberry picking day! When is the last time you went out and picked those delicious berries? They are the best directly off of the plant, specifically from your garden, when you can pick them at peak ripeness, but going to a farm that allows picking can be nice too (just be ready to eat what you pick). This is unlike the ones from the grocery store, which tend to be picked before they are fully ripe, so aren’t always as sweet. If you are interested in planting your own garden of strawberries, there are things you should know. First, there is a time of year that they should be planted, based on where you live. I found this helpful map so that you can figure out when that time is for you. Next, you should also take into consideration type of strawberry for your location. Here is a link to help guide you on which ones to buy. Looking over the information, I live in Zone 9, so I should plant December-February, and there are about 12 varieties that are good for California. Next you need to know when you should pick them. According to a different page on this same website, in the United States it is best to pick from April – June. I hope you make it out tomorrow and grab some delicious strawberries, heck, you may even find other fruits to pick while you are out there! Happy picking, and enjoy!