Be Aware of the Stress in Your Life

April is stress awareness month, and since most of us like to go, go, go, I thought I would remind you to stop, and give back to yourself. I found the following stress relief tips on WebMD website.
-Meditation: While the site lists a very traditional meditation, sitting still with legs crossed repeating positive mantras, I believe mediation can be more than just that. Meditation is about learning how to stop the mind from wandering and looking within. Here is an article with additional thoughts on meditation. If you are worried you won’t be able to figure out how, try taking a yoga class, as it will help to teach you.

-Deep Breathing: It can be helpful to take slow deep breaths, calming you, and eventually helping to bring the heart rate and blood pressure down.

-Laughing: They say laughing is the best medicine, and they say this for a reason. It is true, laughing out loud can actually make you feel better. It boosts the brain releasing endorphins, and those make you happy!

-Music: Yes! Are you a fan? I like a little of everything, from the Beatles, and Rolling Stones, to Amy Winehouse, Beck, and Bob Marley. Music can help to lower blood pressure, thus relieving stress.

-Exercise: Movement helps to decrease stress too! Walking, running, riding a bike, yoga, barre, find a class or trail that suits you and get moving! Let out the stress from your day in physical movement. And bonus, you can get in shape, and get healthy!

There are other ways to relieve your stress, you can check the link for help. Whatever you choose, don’t let the stress overtake you. It is so easy to say we don’t have time for stress relief, but stress is literally toxic, and can make us sick. Here is a link on how stress effects you, please take care of yourself.